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What If Your Forex Card Got Stolen Or Lost In Abroad?


Traveling abroad with a Forex Card has several benefits like convenience and cost-effectiveness. A Forex Card enables you to store foreign currency in a card and use it at ATMs and swiping machines abroad. At a similar time, the exchange rates you get for foreign currency in forex cards are close to living exchange rates and so cheaper than buying foreign currency as money from banks. We have got in an earlier post covered the Comparison of Prepaid Forex Travel Cards vs. cash, Debit which you can hunt.

However, if you lose your forex card abroad then you will lose access to your funds quickly. That is not a decent scenario to be in particularly when you are abroad. So what to try and do once your forex is taken or lost abroad? Let take a glance.

Also, get the most recent Forex Card login links and Forex Card customer care numbers of leading banks and Forex Card suppliers.

1. Activate the replacement card provided beside your Forex Card welcome kit.

Usually, once you get a Forex Card, there is a replacement card provided together with it in the Forex Card welcome kit. You will be able to use this replacement card once the original forex card is lost. Activate this card and obtain the balance funds from your lost forex card transferred to the replacement card and begin using it.

2. Contact Forex Card customer care.

Contact the Forex-kart customer care through a phone call. Tell them about your current situation to our executive and follow the further guidance steps.

3. Login to your Forex Card portal and check the balance quantity within the card.

Check the available balance in your Forex Card account if your balance is unharmed. If any discrepancies as soon as possible alert the forex card provider through the customer care hotline.

When you are abroad and lose your forex card, you did need to get involved with the forex card customer care. Here, we will present to you all the most important forex card login links and customer care numbers. We all know that when you are abroad it would be troublesome for you to call these numbers and discuss with them via phone. This might be as a result of you would possibly not be having an area sim abroad or the payphone charge is just too high (and you do not have cash since you lost your card). Therefore we will additionally discuss the alternate channels of reaching intent on client care like Email or WhatsApp or Chat that merely needs a web connection. A web connection is simple to come back by like building local area network, airfield local area network or the various public local area hotspots in tourist places abroad.

Get to know the International Number, Indian Toll-Free numbers and other Customer Care Channels such as Email, Chat, Phone, App, and Web Login Link of Forex-kart on our website.


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